Open Road Snacks’™ products are available across the U.S., everywhere from travel and convenience stores, to natural food grocers and supermarket locations. Please see our store locator for specific locations.

Our dairy and non-dairy flavors are produced in the same facility. We follow standard manufacturing practices, including full wash-downs between runs. Some minor cross-contamination is still possible.

Sinfully Thin ®

Rocky Mountain Popcorn® is wholesome kernels as FLUFFY as high-country clouds. A crunch as LIGHT as the mountain air. Now that’s taking your snack to new heights! Taste HUGE.™
Behold the savior of snacking, Sinfully Thin®. No longer will you be trapped in popcorn purgatory when you unleash the naughty nibbler within. You’ll feel light as a cloud and hotter than Hades no matter how much munching you grant yourself.

Be bad and try all of our flavors:

Diego’s Chips™

CAUTION: Contents Hot & Flavorful. Some chips claim to be spicy, but may leave you feeling, well, underwhelmed. İRico, Suave!  Meet Diego’s Chips™: the bold, spicy snack that’s positively brimming with the authentic flavors of the Southwest.  Hot enough to make your taste buds represent—with a fiery spice blend that redefines the borders of great taste.